Novaya Riga

“Magical forest” PARK

  • After crossing the borders of the park, our guests find themselves in a magical land of dreams for children and a country of superrealism for adults
  • All is not like as in the routine life – surprising materials, surprising structures and forms, and surprising use of usual things
  • Light, representation, sounds, architecture, and objects d’art are crucial tools for creation of the necessary spirit

We are happy to see all but those who will feel best at our place arefamilies with kids and young professionals –  «hipsters»

We have what to offer organizers of fests and other cultural events,  corporate and wedding parties, and private celebrations


We are making a product that doesn’t have an analogue in Moscow to date

  • Light show by Sila Sveta
  • Crucially different approach to recreation with kids – not adrenaline entertainments but plunging into a fairy, contemplative and creative atmosphere
  • Space soaked with quality modern art – installations, gigs, avant-garde plays and performances, audio visual shows with use of up-to-date technologies, and festivals and exhibitions
  • Atypical modern architecture and beautiful forms
  • Good, tasty, and healthy food
  • Park location – possibility to leave the city and spend a day in the forest, not going away far


  • Park of a «full day». Our guests can spend in the park all day long till late evening and even stay overnight
  • Maximum capacity is 5 000 persons
  • Regular park capacity is 3 000 persons
  • Large parking lot



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